New Antisemitism: Mutation of a Long-lived Hatred



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From the bestselling author of The Jewish Choice and A Very Narrow Bridge, a penetrating and provocative analysis of the rise and threat of the hate that never dies - focusing on an end-game solution that is both ancient and cutting-edge.

Why does antisemitism endure and transcend national borders, cultures, and epochs - regardless of how Jews behave or strive to combat it? Whether religious or secular, living in Israel or abroad, living quietly or innovating the world’s great technologies and companies, regardless of what Jews do antisemitism keeps rearing its head - most virulently in times of global crisis as the world is in today.

Solutions like improving how Jews are portrayed in the media, policy changes, rallies, and monitoring antisemitic events have all run parallel to the recent meteoric rise in the very hatred they aim to curb. What if the solution lay elsewhere entirely, hiding in plain sight for over two thousand years?

A dazzling kaleidoscopic interplay of history, science, and ancient wisdom, New Antisemitism: Mutation of a Long-Lived Hatred is must-reading for anyone who seeks to understand the indefatigable nature of this social virus, and its long-overlooked, practically free solution that lives in the heart of every Jew.

Edition: Soft Cover
Number of Pages: 274
ISBN#: 9798849818023