About Us

KabbalahBooks.info is the official book store of Bnei Baruch, the international group of Kabbalists sharing the wisdom of Kabbalah with the entire world. Study materials in over 25 languages are based on authentic Kabbalah texts that were passed down from generation to generation. The store features books by the greatest Kabbalists of our time: Yehuda Ashlag (1884-1954) who wrote the commentary on the Book of Zohar, his son Baruch Ashlag (1907-1991), and their successor Michael Laitman who has published over 30 books on Kabbalah that have been translated into over 12 languages.


The Message
Bnei Baruch is a diverse movement of many thousands of students worldwide. Each student chooses his or her own path and intensity, according to one's personal conditions and abilities. In recent years, the group has grown into a movement engaged in voluntary educational projects, presenting genuine Kabbalah sources in contemporary language. The essence of the message disseminated by Bnei Baruch is unity of the people, unity of nations and love of man. For millennia, Kabbalists have been teaching that love of man is the foundation of the people of Israel. This love prevailed in the days of Abraham, Moses, and the group of Kabbalists that they established. Love of man was the fuel propelling the people of Israel to extraordinary achievements. In times when love of man shifted to unfounded hatred, the nation declined into exile and affliction. If we make room for these old-but-new values, we will discover that we possess the power to put aside our differences and unite. The wisdom of Kabbalah, hidden for millennia, is now stepping out. It has been waiting for a time when we would be sufficiently developed and prepared to implement its message. Today it is emerging as a message and a solution that can unite the factions in and between the nations and bring us all, as individuals and as a society, to a far better state.

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