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Music of Kabbalah by Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag

Experience the sensation of authentic Kabbalah music. A Kabbalist is a person who has achieved the full recognition and sense of the upper world; or in other words, a feeling of the Creator and apprehension of His actions.

The Kabbalist lives in both spiritual and physicals realms, thus providing him with the ability to clearly comprehend the reason and purpose of all creation. He describes his apprehensions by means of a special, concealed language.

The founder of all modern Kabbalah, the author of the commentary on the sacred book of Zohar, Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag (1885-1955), and his eldest son and follower Rabbi Baruch Ashlag (1906-1992), described their comprehension of the Spiritual Realm by means of Kabbalistic writing, as well as music.

As the language of music is abstract, the spiritual sensations of Kabbalists are expressed by music that may be partially perceived by all. Kabbalistic music expresses two conditions of the Kabbalists: an aspiration to sense the Spiritual Realm, and an aspiration to merge with the Creator in the joyful sensation of total perfection.

Music of Kabbalah (CD 1)

  1. Yaale
  2. Yedid Nefesh
  3. Bnei Heichala
  4. Kaddish
  5. Hineh Kechomer
  6. Nigun
  7. Misod Chachamim
  8. Kel_Mistater
  9. Chamol Al Maaseicha
  10. Krivu Li
  11. Lehagid Baboker Chasdecha
  12. Mizmor leDavid
  13. Bnei Heichala 2
  14. Ki Chilattzta Nafshi
  15. Chasal Seder Pesach

Music of Kabbalah (CD 2)

  1. La Menatzeach Al Shoshanim
  2. Azamer Beshvachin
  3. Bnei Heichala
  4. Atkinu Seudata
  5. Tzadik ke Tamar

Music of Kabbalah (CD 3)

  1. La Menazeah
  2. Yedid Nefesh
  3. Ranenu Tzadikim
  4. Rachem Tzion 1
  5. Rachem Tzion 2
  6. Asader Liseudasa
  7. Bnei Eihala
  8. Mizmor Le David
  9. Kirvu Li
  10. Piyut Rosh Hashanah
  11. Hine Ka Homer
  12. Kadish
  13. Hasal Sidur Pesach
  14. MiSod HaHamim
  15. Tzadik Katamar Yifrach
  16. Marsh
  17. Nigun 4
Number of Tracks: 37

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