Music of Kabbalah - 20 playing notes (E-Book)



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Experience the sensation of authentic Kabbalah music. A Kabbalist is a person who has achieved the full recognition and sense of the upper world; or in other words, a feeling of the Creator and apprehension of His actions.

The Kabbalist lives in both spiritual and physicals realms, thus providing him with the ability to clearly comprehend the reason and purpose of all creation. He describes his apprehensions by means of a special, concealed language.

The founder of all modern Kabbalah, the author of the commentary on the sacred book of Zohar, Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag (1885-1955), and his eldest son and follower Rabbi Baruch Ashlag (1906-1992), described their comprehension of the Spiritual Realm by means of Kabbalistic writing, as well as music.

As the language of music is abstract, the spiritual sensations of Kabbalists are expressed by music that may be partially perceived by all. Kabbalistic music expresses two conditions of the Kabbalists: an aspiration to sense the Spiritual Realm, and an aspiration to merge with the Creator in the joyful sensation of total perfection.

The music bathes the listener in a wondrous light. There is no need to know anything about it before listening to it, since it is wordless. Yet its affect on the heart is direct and swift, due to the intricate connection between our souls and the roots of the notes. Hearing these melodies over and over again allows the listener to feel the music penetrating deep within the soul, completely unobstructed.
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