Like a Bundle of Reeds (Mobi)



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Like a Bundle of Reeds; Why Unity and Mutual Guarantee Are Today’s Call of the Hour (mobi)

Like a Bundle of Reeds:
why unity and mutual guarantee are today’s
call of the hour sheds light on some of the Jews’ most daunting and
mystifying questions: What is our role on this planet? Are we truly “the chosen
people”? If we are, what were we chosen for? What is causing anti-Semitism, and
can it be cured? Using numerous quotes and references from Jewish sages and
historians of all times, the book offers a roadmap for achieving one of the
Jews’ most sought-after, yet elusive goals: social cohesion and unity. Indeed,
unity is the very gift that the Jews alone can give to the world, and which the
world impatiently awaits. When we unite and share our unity with all, then
peace, brotherly love, and happiness will forever prevail throughout the world.

Edition: E-Book
Number of Pages: 160
ISBN #: 9781897448823
Year Published: 2013