Children of Tomorrow



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Children of Tomorrow: Guidelines for Raising Happy Children in the 21st Century is a new beginning for you and your children. Imagine being able to hit the reboot button and get it right this time. No hassle, no stress, and best of all - no guessing. The big revelation is that raising kids is all about games and play, relating to them as small grownups, and making all major decisions together.

You will be surprised to discover how teaching kids about positive things like friendship and caring for others automatically spills into other areas of our life through the day. Open any page and you will find thought-provoking quotes about every aspect of children’s lives: parent-children relations, friendships and conflicts, and a clear picture of how schools should be designed and function. This book offers a fresh perspective on how to raise our children, with the goal being the happiness of all children everywhere.

Number of Pages: 168
ISBN #: 978-1-897448-58-8

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