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Always With Me is more than a memoir about my teacher. It is both an exposition of a spiritual path and an intimate account of a great kabbalist; it details the formation and evolution of the relationship and joint study of a teacher and his devoted disciple.

Through a profound bond, conflicts, assistance, and rejections, devotion, protests, ascents, and descents, the teacher imbued in me the wisdom ofKabbalah. RABASH was the standard-bearer, the last in a line of spiritual giants dedicated to conveying the secret wisdom to humankind.

The two great kabbalists, Baal HaSulam, and his firstborn son and prime disciple, RABASH, handed the wisdom of Kabbalah to our generation. My own books are merely an accompaniment while their books, the primary sources, are paramount.

I speak from experience, having lived twelve years side by side with my teacher, RABASH. It is to RABASH that I owe everything I know, and it was RABASH who instructed me to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Some have told me that this book is read in one breath. Indeed, Always With Me permeates the soul and opens a flow of oxygen that, once inhaled, is impossible to relinquish. It is built on an eternal, unbreakable bond between two Kabbalists. As you read the book, you will inhale the energy of this bond, the energy of eternity.

Written by: Michael Laitman
Narrated by: Kristian Dawson
Length: 3:23 hrs/min