A Very Narrow Bridge (E-Book)



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Hardly anyone remains impartial upon hearing the words “the wisdom of Kabbalah.” One may mock it as esoteric nonsense, another might speak its praises and tell stories of formidable, enigmatic people who can set fire to people or turn them into a heap of bones with their very gaze, while yet another might mention secret, shady societies.

The authentic wisdom of Kabbalah had been concealed for two millennia. Over the centuries, so many myths, misunderstandings, and misinterpretations of it have been formed that today face and palm reading, astrology, numerology, and countless other practices claim to be related to Kabbalah.

Yet, the authentic wisdom of Kabbalah is not related to any of them. In fact, it is a scientific, empirical method for achieving lasting happiness through social unity. It had been fashioned and practiced by the ancient Hebrews before they were exiled from Jerusalem 2,000 years ago, and now it is reemerging precisely because social unity is the only solution to our problems—be they personal, national, or global.

A Very Narrow Bridge traces the roots of Kabbalah, Judaism, and the Jewish people, how they formed and for what purpose. It is a chronicle of the struggle of kabbalists to preserve the wisdom and pass it down through the ages until today, when it has become critical to humanity to reveal the truth about the people of Israel and the wisdom of Kabbalah. This book speaks of love, hate, and total dedication to the goal of saving the human race.

Edition: E-Book
Number of Pages: 260
ISBN#: 9781092278799