The Prayers of the Friends



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Each day, we begin the daily Kabbalah lesson with a short prayer that was put together by one of the hundreds of tens from around the world Kli, who study together in order to feel one common heart, and in it, reveal the singular upper force.

Nothing is greater than a prayer that comes from the bottom of the common heart of the members of the ten. Such a prayer is very powerful and can awaken the hearts of the rest of the friends, join them into a common heart and reach the Creator. Such a prayer compels the upper force to direct us toward the end of our correction.

Reading each of the prayers of the friends in this booklet can broaden one’s heart, intensify the plea to the Creator, and unite the heart of the reader with the common heart, where the Creator is present. Reading the prayers reawakens the heart for the prayer we must always pray to the Creator, every moment of our lives.

May we pray all day,

Michael Laitman

Edition: Paperback
Print size: 5x8 inch
Number of Pages: 92
ISBN: 9798367653090

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