Young Group Package (eBook)



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This package includes books that will be used in the Young Group and throughout your lifetime of Kabbalah studies.

Shamati (I Heard) is an enduring legacy left to Dr. Laitman by his teacher, Rabash (Rabbi Baruch Ashlag). This compilation of conversations between Rabash and his father, Baal HaSulam provides us with an enduring connection to these great Kabbalists.

Rabash -The Social Writings While Baal HaSulam gave us insight into the spiritual worlds, it was Rabash who articulated the human essence of Kabbalah for our generation. Rabash changed the course of studying Kabbalah by clarifying the use of unity and society as tools to reach spiritual attainment.

Connected—by Nature’s Law is an innovative book on social awareness. Presenting a comprehensive picture of reality and the process that humanity is undergoing