Integral Education Package (eBook)



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When we balance our lives with the laws of Nature, suffering disappears and all the best is readily available. The books in this package detail the method of harmonizing with these laws.

Connected—by Nature’s Law is an innovative book on social awareness. Presenting a comprehensive picture of reality and the process that humanity is undergoing, the book offers tools for using the major personal and social shifts we’re going through to our benefit.

The Psychology of the Integral Society continues the topic of education in depth, presenting a paradigm-shattering yet refreshingly simple approach to upbringing, school and family life.

The Benefits of the New Economy asks the question, "Why are the world's economic systems breaking down, with no solution on the horizon?" In a series of essays the authors present a new vision of economy, different from any tried in modern times - an economy of mutual responsibility.

A Guide To The New World explains how integral upbringing is the solution to every crisis in the world today, since all problems stem from our imbalance with Nature.

Self-Interest vs. Altruism in the Global Era this celebrated book offers a novel understanding of humanity’s existence on this planet, a birds-eye view of history as a record of humankind’s growing egotism, as well as a solution to our current social challenges.