The Wise Heart; Tales and allegories of three contemporary sages (Kindle)



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“Our inner work is to tune our hearts and our senses to perceive the spiritual world,” says Michael Laitman in the poem, “Spiritual Wave.” The Wise Heart is a lovingly crafted anthology comprised of Kabbalistic tales and allegories passed through Dr. Michael Laitman and his mentors Rav Baruch Ashlag (Rabash) and Rabash’s father Rav Yehuda Ashlag (author of the acclaimed Sulam, a commentary on The Book of Zohar).

The desire of a Kabbalah student is to reach higher levels of spiritual attainment, yet it is difficult to imagine the sensations of the spiritual world. The verses in this reflective and insightful compilation give the reader a glimpse into the essence of this elevated state of being.
The poems herein are excerpts from letters and lessons given by these three, spiritual leaders. They offer inspiring and often amusing depictions of human nature that resonate with the reader regardless of his or her level of study. Indeed, The Wise Heart is a tool for any student seeking to find higher levels of spiritual attainment.

Edition: Mobi (Kindle)
Number of Pages: 80
ISBN: 978-1-897448-47-2
Date Published: December 2010