Kabbalah Revealed Interactive Part 1 (Kindle)



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Kabbalah Revealed Interactive Part 1 (Kindle)
This package provides you with the foundation for the study of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah for the Student is a collection of the most important articles in Kabbalah, and contains material for a lifetime of study. It is used virtually every day by all levels of students within Bnei Baruch.

Attaining the Worlds Beyond takes one deep into the Kabbalistic concepts using language that speaks to our hearts today. It is a very personal journey, and each time you read it, new revelations and sensations emerge.

In Kabbalah Revealed A Guide to a More Peaceful Life you will discover what lies behind today's fastest growing trend, how Kabbalah came about, what this wisdom offers to its students, and how it can make sense of your life.
  • Kabbalah for the Student
  • Attaining the Worlds beyond
  • Kabbalah Revealed