Work with Faith Above Reason (PDF)



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What is faith above reason?

There are three paths one can take: above reason, within reason and below reason. Reason is the self of man, his concepts, his mentality, and his education.

Within reason means according to our understanding, according to the mind of a person of this world, one’s egoism. According to it, one understands, feels, makes decisions, and acts, which is called: “according to my opinion.” Yet, above my opinion is the opinion of the upper, and it means I must exchange my opinion for the opinion of the Creator.

Faith above reason is a feeling that bestowal is above reception, the importance of the Creator is above the importance of the created being and the whole of reality. A person begins to feel that he has a new concern: to do something for the Creator’s sake and in such a way that the Creator will not even know about it, to bestow in concealment, humbly, without any intention to receive a reward.

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