Entry into the Spiritual Degree: Excerpts from the Wisdom of Kabbalah - eBook



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Covid-19 required profound changes and quick adaptations from people all over the world. We, too, in Bnei Baruch, quickly responded by adjusting our daily Kabbalah lessons.

All over the world, we entered the virtual realm to study together in a single room, and the need for new observations and precise insights led us to choose unique topics for the lessons, to help us focus the spiritual work of each student, and of all of us together as a world group.

Every topic is a whole world in itself, with its own nature and a wealth of meaningful perceptions. Every excerpt was selected with care from a wide variety of Kabbalistic texts, with an emphasis on the “two great lights”: Baal HaSulam and RABASH. These excerpts solidify us and strengthen the connections among us students. The excerpts we read helped us grasp the thoughts of the kabbalists and the unique spirit that streams out of their words.

This book is a rare collection of excerpts from the writings of the kabbalists that we learned with our teacher, Dr. Michael Laitman. For us, it is a fountain of living water, and reading it arouses a unique spiritual inspiration in us. This collection transcends time and space, and you are invited to join us, quench your thirst with it, and grasp some more of the profound wisdom of Kabbalah.

Number of Pages: 500
ISBN: 9798476614968