A Sage’s Fruit vol.2 - Essays of Baal HaSulam (E-Book)



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For over sixty years, some of the most powerful essays written by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, known as Baal HaSulam (Owner of the Ladder) for his Sulam (Ladder) commentary on The Book of Zohar, have been sealed and concealed. In some, the text has become indiscernible and the letters barely readable. In some, the text has been torn and some was lost. For this reason, ellipses are quite common, either because the original text is incomplete, or because it cannot be read with certainty.

And yet, the authenticity of the texts, and the content and message resonate from every page in this inspiring book. You cannot truly understand Baal HaSulam until you read such seminal essays as “600,000 Souls,” “Exile and Redemption,” or “One Commandment.”

Number of Pages: 274
ISBN #: 9781772280074