WE The Artist, The Kabbalist & The CircleXperiment (E-Book)



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For a young artist whose work is as cheeky as unconventional in both its form and aesthetics, Zenita Komad is untypically straightforward in addressing spirituality.

In her project The Artist and the Kabbalist, she speaks with celebrated scientist and Kabbalist Michael Laitman. Saying and epigrams are transposed into her own visual language with humor and spiritual scrutiny.

The Artist, The Kabbalsit & The CirlcXperiement by Zenita Komad provides people with visual stimulation that immediately touches their hearts. This is art that heralds the message of unity and connection as a solution to all problems with asbsolute contemporaneity and the urgency the times demand. It speaks to us with itnelligent imagery that gets us, and keeps us, thinking and feeling.

Number of Pages: 126
ISBN #: 978-1-5195-0914-7