The Baobab that Opened Its Heart (eBook)



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“Long ago, when the big island of Madagascar was but a small village, there lived a young baobab tree.” Like all good stories, the tale of the baobab tree is not just a beautiful story but one that carries a specific message, a message of love.

The stories in this collection were all written with the love of nature, of people, and specifically with children in mind. They all share the desire to tell nature’s tale of unity, connectedness, and love.

Kabbalah teaches that love is nature’s guiding force, the reason for creation. “One Song,” “A Droplet,” “The Enchanted Garden,” and all the other stories in this book convey it in the unique way that Kabbalah engenders in its students. The variety of authors contributes to the diversity of styles, so each reader will find the story that they like most.

Number of Pages: 48
ISBN #: 978-1-897448-53-3