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The Science of Kabbalah (Pticha)
The Science of Kabbalah (Pticha)

The Science of Kabbalah (Pticha). Rav Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) Commentary by Rav Michael Laitman PhD
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Overview Editorial Review
The Science of Kabbalah (Pticha) is the first in a series of texts that Rav Michael Laitman, Kabbalist and scientist, designed to introduce readers to the special language and terminology of the Kabbalah. Here, Rav Laitman reveals authentic Kabbalah in a manner that is both rational and mature.

Readers are gradually led to an understanding of the logical design of the Universe and the life whose home it is. The Science of Kabbalah, a revolutionary work that is unmatched in its clarity, depth, and appeal to the intellect, will enable readers to approach the more technical works of Baal HaSulam (Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag), such as Talmud Eser Sefirot and Zohar. Although scientists and philosophers will delight in its illumination, laymen will also enjoy the satisfying answers to the riddles of life that only authentic Kabbalah provides. Now, travel through the pages and prepare for an astonishing journey into the 'Upper Worlds'

Kabbalah Books aims to follow what Baal HaSulam directed, that redeeming the world from its plights depends solely on disseminating the correction method, as he wrote "We are in a generation that is standing at the very threshold of redemption, if we will only know how to spread the wisdom of the hidden in the masses."

We do know one way of doing this through sharing our Kabbalah books with the world. We aim to pursue every avenue to spread this wisdom as widely as possible. Hard copies of books make the wisdom of Kabbalah available to even more people. And if you desire, you can help with that by giving the wisdom to others through the books.

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Edition: Paperback
Number of Pages: 612
Date Published: March 2005
ISBN #: 0973231564

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5 of 5 Amazingly well done January 17, 2010
Reviewer: William Becker from St Louis, MO United States  
Introduction to the book of Zohar

This is an amazing book that scientifically reveals what has been hidden for thousands of years. The information in this book was presented by Kabbalist Michael Laitman who through years of a teaching lineage learned from Rabash, son of Baal HaSulam, the Ari and the list goes on. Complete with graphs, charts, and a unique narrative by Dr. Laitman, this book goes in to intricate detail of what Kabbalah is all about and most importantly, how to begin and stay on a path towards spiritual fulfillment.   You only need to have asked yourself, one question:  "What is the meaning of my life?"   All you need is the desire and the book will help kick start you on a true Kabalistic path.

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4 of 5 December 18, 2008
Reviewer: wesley copprue from North Brunswick, NJ, United States  

I just want to receive wisdom.

Wesley Copprue
Yashua Dawiyd

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5 of 5 November 3, 2008
Reviewer: Paul Russell from Lafayette, CO, United States  
What has impressed me in the course of relating with this book is the unique sense of immediacy and relevance that the reading feels imbued with.

Though the subject matter can appear abstruse and beyond reach, at just the right times, in just the right places, and in just the right way, Rav Laitman offers assistance. Rav Laitman's commentary helps clarify the ideas in the text, and perhaps more importantly the commentary helps clarify the correct approach to the text.


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5 of 5 April 25, 2007
Reviewer: Robert Russell from Sudbury, ON, Canada  
A must for the student of Kabbalah. Particularly for those who have completed the fundemental program. As without a base knowledge you may as well eat it. But with the proper intro, this book really does evoke that surrounding light so desired by the wanna-be kabbalist. I look forward to reading it again and again. The best book on Kabbalah I have read.

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5 of 5 November 22, 2006
Reviewer: Eugene Fridkin from Princeton Jct, NJ, United States  
This is a wonderful book, which will give you a way to discover yourself and the world around you.

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